Testimonials from companies who have achieved greater success with Michaela’s unique Business Optimization services

Dental Office

A Dentist who asked me to do a space clearing in an office was experiencing financial struggles, discord among the staff, and conflicts with the neighbors.

Initially, we discussed her business goals which included bringing in new a partner. During the space clearing, I released heavy energy from the past, creating an opening for a new partner to join her business.

I identified negative energies and dynamics that were adversely affecting the staff and cleared them out. The tension with the neighbors was energetically released and resolved. When the owner and I delved into the team dynamics, I intuitively read and identified the sources of conflict and created unique strategies to bring more harmony and coherence among the staff. After reviewing the business goals I made intuitive recommendations about potential partners and guided her through the hiring process.

When I checked in with the Doctor a month later, she said:

  • “After you came to the office, everything changed!

  • My practice grew like crazy!

  • A new business partner came along and I found the right receptionist.

  • The employee that I was ready to fire is the most loyal employee now.

  • It is impressive, all the staff are using the compassion and kindness chart we created.

  • There are no more problems with the neighbors!” Dentist from Marin, CA


Tax Consultant Office

“We were having lots of electronic issues and the energy of the space was feeling sluggish and dense. Michaela was extremely courteous, understanding and receptive to our needs while patiently explaining her process. Michaela detailed all that she uncovered and how she released and transformed the energy all around us.

The entire experience was handled most efficiently and was tremendously insightful.

A complete shift happened and Michaela delivered more than she promised! The electronics are all on track and running smoothly, our business flow has ease and efficiency again. The results felt amazing as the spaces came alive, felt free and uplifted. Even the back lawn has come back to life and looks 10X better than it did when we moved in.

Peace, harmony and prosperity abounded after Michaela worked with us.” Trisha LoveJoy, A New Leaf Company, Tax consultant


Business Coach

“After the space clearing with Michaela, I became very clear about my priorities and came into total alignment with my goals. Relationships that were not working fell away and I was calmer with myself and others. I felt a total recalibration within myself and released extraneous business commitments so that I could focus on my highest priorities with clarity.” Audra Grady,Conscious Career and Business Coaching