Do you ever notice when you are in the office

  • That some areas feel heavy or negative?

  • There is a lack of organization or flow in some departments?

  • Some staff cannot get along?

  • The electronics or machines do not consistently work well?

Space Clearing addresses these challenges and more

The building you work in holds the energy of previous interactions such as conflicts, losses or failures. Difficult or unspoken conversations can be felt by most people which affects the ability of staff to work cooperatively.

Historical events that have taken place, as well as the building construction, affect the way you feel and work in your office.

The land that the building was built on holds a frequency that can directly affect the behavior of the inhabitants.

We feel what has happened in a space, but cannot ascertain why it impacts our physical energy, emotions or sense of well being.

Space Clearing is a systematic process that releases

  • Negative thoughts and emotions

  • Losses, trauma and conflicts that have occurred

  • Obstacles for progress

  • Disturbance in the building or the land

After a space is cleared, uplifting energies are brought in to support the intention and goals of the business.

michaela mcgivern.png

When people walk into a clear space there is a sense of clarity, ease and spaciousness. There is more opportunity for creativity and the manifestation of dreams.