Phase I

Assessment,Clearing and Strategy Development 

  • Assess business needs and challenges including projects, initiatives and change

  • Clear Business Space: Learn More About Space Clearing Here

  • Intuitively read the dynamics of the team and business

  • Coach and support leadership on staff development

  • Strategize improvements for team dynamics and business


Phase II

Evolve the Business Strategies,
Team Development and Energetic Skill Building

  • Update the business goals and dynamics

  • Strategize and coach leadership and team on new developments and shifts

  • Teach energetic practices to management and team members for healthy interactions

  • Bring in supportive energies for growth and positive change

  • Enhance the vitality of the business space with energy clearing

This is a follow up consultation 2 months after Phase I


Phase III

Clearing and Optimizing the Leadership and Team Dynamics

  • Clear, release and enhance the energetic team dynamics

  • Empower leadership to lead with more ease and maximize team performance

  • Guide and support management to fulfill the business vision

  • Mentor staff on energy optimization practices

  • Provide intuitive observations, coaching and strategies for optimal performance

  • Energize and vitalize the business space for effective processes and interactions

This is a follow up consultation 2 months after Phase II


Phase IV

 Assess and Optimize How the Business Interacts Externally

  • Intuitively assess how the business interacts with clients, vendors and the public

  • Expand the vision of the business in the larger community and world

  • Optimize the quality of the business presence and interactions with public

  • Improve employee satisfaction and interactions with customers

    This is a follow up consultation 2 months after Phase III


Phase V
Accelerate the Success of Projects, Initiatives & Change

  • Identify and clear obstacles around projects for a smooth path forward

  • Refine and provide energetic support for the success of projects

  • Evolve the guiding principles and values of the business and how to apply them to projects, initiatives and changes

This is a follow up consultation 2 months after Phase IV