What Distinguishes Michaela From Other Business Consultants

Michaela recognizes that businesses have an enormous impact on the personal, cultural and environmental aspects of our lives. Conscious leaders in industry have the potential to impact changes in behavior which ripple beyond the immediate community to the larger world.

She is passionate about offering a new approach for businesses in a time of increased demands and pressure on people to perform under suboptimal conditions. She believes it is possible to bring more compassion, abundance, and collaboration into the work environment so that everyone can benefit.

Similar to caring for one’s physical body, we have more joy and inspiration in our work experience when the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an organization are cared for. Her unique approach to consulting looks at the health and intersection of these four aspects of life in the business environment. Michaela has observed that when people are working in a healthy and prosperous organization, they are more likely to have a greater sense of value and a desire to contribute. Her highly refined intuitive insights and energetic clearing skills enhance the performance in each aspect significantly, so that all team members feel valued and inspired.

In this time of rapid change in the world, Michaela’s wisdom, clarity and ability to see through to the heart of an issue is a breath of fresh air. Guidance, insights and actionable business strategies flow from her in a way that enables change to occur effortlessly for the greatest positive change for everyone.

Clients delight in her warm personality, clarity, and humor which make her an exemplary member of any enterprising team. She is thrilled to share her gifts with business owners who are willing to go beyond the ordinary to achieve extraordinary results.

Michaela’s Training and Background

For most of her life she has been highly intuitive. In her early 20’s she started working as an Occupational Therapist and specialized as an expert witness in Head Trauma cases. Her curiosity about how people could heal on all levels lead her to studying Energy Medicine while living in England, Europe and the US.

Over the decades she has received certifications in many modalities including: Quantum Energetics, Sound Healing, Reiki.Theta Medical Intuitive Healing, Peruvian Shamanism, Contemporary Shamanism and CoreIndividuation™.

In addition to her healing work she is a teacher of Shamanism and Energy Medicine and has shared her wisdom, space clearing skills and healing rituals in traditional business and medical settings. Her vast training provides a rich tapestry of wisdom that she draws upon to facilitate transformation and success with ease.

She lives in Northern California with her husband, loves to travel, dance, sing and eat with gusto!

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  • Greater Business and Financial Success

  • Excitement, Collaboration and Creativity

  • Harmony and Satisfaction among Team Members

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  • Innovating Intuitive Strategies for Success

  • Intuitively Reading the Business Goals and Personnel

  • Clearing and Revitalizing Stagnant Energies

  • Aligning and Energizing Team Dynamics